I know the man’s name is Pence, but I can’t help seeing “Penance,” and wondering what we’ve done wrong as a nation that was so bad to deserve this.

As critics and comics alike discussed the pros and cons of the newly revealed logo before social media prompted them to revise it a day after its release and take away the charming monogram, it’s wise to keep our minds on the essence of logo design—it stands for a brand. Along with the obvious sexual associations of the “T” penetrating the “P,” it may also be prophetic in predicting what may be about to happen to our country.

What can graphic designers do about the impending penance? Making signs and posters is one way we can use our skills as they did this past March when they protested outside of Trump Tower holding 40-inch-by-60-inch signs of bold, graphic letters that together spelled “Build Kindness Not Walls.”

They may also want to take some ideas from the “Black Lives Matter” movement and see how graphic designers have been helping to fight racial injustice. Using data from news reports, some are creating shareable data viz, while others are creating memes to help get the word out.

As the GOP Convention launches into full swing today, it’s fun to analyze branding in terms of its design qualities and symbolism—but it’s even more important for us to look at our social responsibility and see where we can help to combat the impending penance looming in our nation’s future.


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