Designing in the Age of Anxiety

Trump 24K Gold-Plated” (USA, 2016), an unauthorized campaign poster, featured in “The Design of Dissent”

Milton Glaser and Mirko Ilic have recently reissued their book The Design of Dissent.

In a recent interview with Fast Company’s Creative Director, Florian Bacheda, they discuss how the anxiety and disorder of our time is changing design.

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Citizen Designer

Throughout history graphic designers have written design manifestos and taken action to focus their energy on designing for good.

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Design Activism


In Steven Heller’s recent essay featured on Design Observer, “America’s Big Design Problem,” he discusses how now, more than ever, designers must be progressive thinkers and makers. While some feel design should not politicize, many feel that taking a stand for one’s point of view is exactly what design is meant to do.

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A great big club with spikes

Earth=Heart (Graphic Design Advocacy)

Earth Heart Poster: Our Good Earth Can We Save it? by Takayuki Kuribayashi

In a video interview with Hillman Curtis, graphic designer James Victore likens graphic design to a great big club with spikes on it, best used to hit people over the head with.

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Does Super Tuesday = Super Branding?

Super (aka—very good; pleasant; excellent; extreme; huge; superficial)

This Super Tuesday is “make it or break” for the Republican primary candidates. With elections in 10 states across the country they’ve pulled out all the stops and there’s been a huge surge in branding for each of them.

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