Fashion Week: It’s Complicated


New York Fashion Week kicked off this past Thursday, and with it some complicated topics graphic designers are very familiar with:

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Designers Voting Yes for Love


‘YES’ By Gianni (Dolce Merda)

On May 22 Ireland may be the first country to vote to legalize same-sex marriage.

Yes for Love” is a campaign which asks people to help support this cause by downloading a design and using it as their social media profile.

Help support this cause, get your profile pic here and encourage people to vote yes for freedom, for commitment, for justice, and for equality:


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Students & Scientists Working Together

Graphic design is used for everything from advertising to information graphics to entertainment. Many feel that graphic design is at its best when it’s used for advocacy. 

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Protesting through Design

Infographic designed by student Peter Frasco

Infographic designed by student Peter Frasco

Weeks before the Ferguson grand jury handed down their verdict, students in my graphic design class chose police brutality as their topic for a social awareness project. It was interesting and disturbing to see some of the facts that unfolded as they presented their research and drafts. 

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Students and pro bono work

Logo created pro bono for SCAD "The Role Graphic Design in Social Awareness" class

The Role of Graphic Design in Social Awareness,” “Issues in Design,” and “Can Design Touch Someone’s Heart?” are all graphic design courses with the common theme of creating pro bono work (volunteer work done “for the public good”) to teach social responsibility. As AIGA Philadelphia and others are taking a pledge to support paid internships, where does pro bono work done by students fit in?

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