Are we ready for #unphotoshopped?

The left photo, retouched, is from a previous CVS beauty campaign. The unaltered image at right shows how the company plans to represent beauty. Both were provided by CVS.

One of the conversations that has come up again thanks to the #metoo movement is the effect of airbrushed images. In a recent NY Times article, Vanessa Friedman reports on the stand that CVS has taken to stop “materially altering” the imagery associated with its beauty products.

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The Perfect Response


Three students from Leeds University in Great Britain recently had the perfect response to Victoria’s Secret ‘Perfect Body’ Campaign when the company introduced a new bra collection called “Body by Victoria” with an ad campaign featuring ultra thin models with the words “The Perfect Body” running across the image.

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Should you opt for the retouched school portrait?

The author's Sixth Grade School Portrait

Looking back at my school pictures I know I would have begged my parents to spend the extra bucks to get rid of my adolescent acne if it had been an option. When my son was in grade school I always chose the retouched package without even consulting him. I was thinking back on my own experience. But will I be sorry in 50 years when I look back and the images I have are not authentic?

The NY Times article “No Boo-boos or Cowlicks? Only in School Pictures” talks about the pros and cons of digitally retouching school portraits and the issues that it raises. The author asks if we are sending our kids the wrong message if we choose to get their photos retouched. Is it good for their self-esteem or are we inadvertently undermining it?

Read more about photo manipulation here.

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