Coca-Cola: generous benefactor or evil brand master?

Streets of Stone Town, Zanzibar

Where does one draw the line about whether or not its graphic designers’ moral responsibility to keep their employees and work on something they don’t necessarily agree with or to let them go, adversely affecting their lives as well their families? Should they refuse to work for the client or take the job for the sake of their employees?

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Joe Camel—a brand stretched to the max

Magazine advertisement featuring “Joe Camel” and Camel cigarettes for R.J Reynolds Tobacco, 1993

“Joe Camel” and the stretching of the Camel cigarette brand is a prime example of brand stretching at its worst.

In David Berman’s book Do Good Design he talks about how before the “Joe Camel” cartoon character appeared in the 1980s Camel cigarettes had one percent of the U.S. teen cigarette market. By the time the campaign was stopped in 1997 Camel had 32 percent of this market, and more than 90 percent of six-year-olds could recognize Joe (more than knew Mickey Mouse.)

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