Censorship: a sign of the “Times?”

This week Time magazine reported that last week’s story “The Two Faces of Anxiety” elicited the most mail. Readers wanted to “Why is anxiety the most pressing issue in the U.S. while the Egyptian revolution gets front page treatment internationally?”

Time covers, Dec. 5, 2011 | Vol. 178 No. 22

Time said that they are glad to be held to high expectations. Some readers were not so happy and called the cover treatment censorship.

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The company we keep

Photo courtesy of “David Airey: Boycotting Godaddy”

“The company we keep” is a heading often used by graphic design firms when they display their client list. Under this warm and fuzzy title they list clients that they are proud to do business with—and in the process build their credibility and status through association.

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How to respond to spec work requests

Spec work is a hotly debated topic among graphic designers. Most of us are vehemently opposed to it and for good reason. Spec work  devalues our work and also puts us at risk for being taken advantage of as well as not being paid at all for work.

David Airey’s recent post sums up the absurdity of such requests quite nicely. Read his response to a request for spec work:

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No!Spec’s Ten Reasons to Ponder

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