The Certification Debate Continues

The debate about graphic design certification continues. In today’s “Daily Heller” Steven Heller weighs in with his thoughts about certification and why he’s not a fan. Read why here.

Read more about the pros and cons of certification here.

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Would you pass a graphic design certification test?

Certification is currently a topic of debate among graphic designers in the United States and has been for over a decade. Proponents feel it will create value for graphic designers and a minimum standard of professionalism. Their hope is that it will prevent graphic design from becoming a commodity. Opponents feel it’s a waste of time and a form of elitism that could create unnecessary boundaries for talented designers.

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How much do students know about ethics?

In the Spring of 2010 I conducted a survey among undergraduate graphic design students to find out how much they know about ethical issues in graphic design. The results showed that there are many issues they know little or nothing about.

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