Students & Scientists Working Together

Graphic design is used for everything from advertising to information graphics to entertainment. Many feel that graphic design is at its best when it’s used for advocacy. Some go further and ask if graphic designers actually have a responsibility to use their skills to advocate for social causes. If doctors have a responsibility to take care of those that in critical condition, then one can reason that graphic designers have a responsibility to create communication which motivates people to take action on critical issues, like the condition of our planet.

The 6th Extinction In-Motion Video Campaigns were created by Carnegie Mellon Communication Design students. The collaboration between the students, scientists, and conservationists was based on the idea that graphic designers can create a bridge between dry scientific data and the population that needs to hear it.

In honor of this year’s Earth Day, take a few minutes to see how these students put their skills to work, and think about what you can do with yours.

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