Toilet Honesty Box, photo by I See Modern Britain

Synonyms for integrity include honesty and purity. In fact graphic designer, educator, writer, and theorist Jessica Hefland listed honesty as one of the most important ethical issues that graphic design students can expect to face in their careers.

When looking at issues of integrity in graphic design, the focus turns to how graphic designers conduct themselves professionally‚ÄĒthe principles of right conduct that are understood and supported within the profession. Within the graphic design field, this quickly becomes a controversial topic. Crowdsourcing, working on speculation, corporate sponsorship, certification, and photo manipulation are some of the issues that graphic designers can expect to face during their careers.

Graphic designers today compete and work in a global arena. Making decisions about spec work, altering images digitally, negotiating client contracts, and coming to terms about what their responsibility is to their clients and colleagues are all part of the job.