Do the Green Thing

Do the Green Thing is an organization dedicated to making films, posters, walkcasts, and everyday things to inspire people to live more sustainably.

Working with a collection of creatives from around the globe, Do the Green Thing publishes every couple of months on topics that affect our everyday lives.

Last October they took on the cosmetics industry and how the elevation of global beauty standards and harmful psychological effects involving self-image, there has been little debate about how our pursuit of beauty affects the environment. Besides the overconsumption and waste generated by the cumulative use over time, there are also the ingredients themselves. Microbeads that bypass filtration systems are ending up in the sea. Preservatives in moisturizers have been linked to genetic mutations in frogs. In addition to offering facts, the article discusses the differences between generations of consumers and solutions.

This year as we celebrate Earth Day, do the green thing, and sign up to get their latest issue.


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