Civil Rights vs. the Right of Refusal

As the supreme court decides the case against a Colorado baker and his right to refuse a gay couple’s request for a wedding cake, parallels to the graphic design profession are easily drawn. 

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Rules for School (and to live and work by)


Dear Design Student” is an advice blog for designers by designers. A recent post written by Mike Monteiro entitled “A Designer’s Code of Ethics” hits hard at the core of design practice and what all students and educators, as well as designers, should be thinking about school is about to go back in session.

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Online Engagement (aka Designing a Slot Machine)

Making an impact online is all about engagement. According to Kara Swisher of “Recode Decode,” it’s often assumed that making an impact is positive. In an interview with Tristan Harris, Swisher says that in her experience, many of those involved in designing online engagement don’t give much thought to what type of impact they are making.

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Presenting the Underrepresented

As Black History Month draws to a close, it’s a great time to take a look at the website put together by Tim Hykes, a St. Louis based designer. The project, 28 Days of Black Designers, spotlights AIGA medalists like Sylvia Harris along with global designers like Rafael Smith whose career has focused on challenges related to poverty.

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Teach our Girls to Code!

Poster design by Mariah Salter

Poster design by Graphic Design student Mariah Salter

Historically, women are woefully under-represented in computing and technology fields.

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White lies—unethical, or an act of kindness?

kind man with devil shadowVisual persuasion is at the heart of a graphic designer’s job. Taking information and ideas and forming them into communication that engages and invokes is what we do.

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