Branding the Olympics—“worst practices” in design

While the Olympic games themselves are steeped in excellence and “best practices” in athletics—the design of the 2020 Olympic logo has spiraled into an example “worst practices” in graphic design.

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Contests—who wins?

Artwork by Sérgio Neves

Contest entry by Sérgio Neves

One young designer that I’ve met through this blog asked me to write an article about contests and the practice of “voting” for winners. He says, as many would agree, “that ultimately it becomes nothing more than a popularity contest between the candidates; it’s really degrading for us.”

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The Power of Photoshop Users

Before-and-after sample from Photo Rescue Japan

Before-and-after sample from Photo Rescue

Much has been written about the atrocities of Photoshop. It has been used for all kinds of photo manipulation—some is considered racist, like the OJ Simpson image that graced Time magazine’s cover; some is considered dangerous and ridiculous, like the Iran missile image explosions; and some is considered anti-feminist and irresponsible as shown in this video “Killing Us Softly 4: Advertising’s Image of Women” with Jean Kilbourne.

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WANTED: Jack of all trades (aka Graphic Artist)

This ad is pretty standard in terms of the laundry list of skills required of a graphic artist these days. Design skills, plus technical skills—and being well versed in all the software and hardware that goes with them—is expected. Writing and editing skills are often on the wishlist too. So where does a young graphic designer begin figuring out their worth?

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When crowdsourcing works

I live in Brasília, Brazil - Inside Out Project

The term crowdsourcing has come to mean poor quality and diminished (or complete lack of) compensation and quality in the world of graphic design. It has come to symbolize the movement in graphic design of “how low can you go?”

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Who’s got your back?

Sometimes we are pleasantly surprised when trying out a new service professional— whether it’s a plumber, dentist, teacher, web developer, or new printer. We’ve also probably all been burned at least once when going to someone new. Naturally, we ask for referrals from our friends or go to people we know. It may become a matter of “who we know” rather than “what they know.”

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