Moving the lines between copyright and fair use


Image by Richard Prince from “Canal Zone” series

Last month Richard Prince made history when the court ruling against him for copyright infringement against him was overturned.

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Is everything a remix?

Beginning graphic design students often wrestle with the idea of originality. They argue that “nothing is original, it’s all been done before.” They will resist doing research because they claim that they don’t want to “steal” someone else’s idea. The concept of research and re-purposing ideas are not always easy ones for them to wrap their heads around.

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What’s the difference between appropriation and plagiarism?

In an article for Design Observer designer and author William Drenttel writes about how ideas come from many sources in graphic design: they recur, regenerate, take new forms, and mutate into alternative forms. In the world of design and photography, there seems to be an implicit understanding that any original work can and will evolve into the work of others, eventually working its way into our broader visual culture.

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