Are we ready for #unphotoshopped?

The left photo, retouched, is from a previous CVS beauty campaign. The unaltered image at right shows how the company plans to represent beauty. Both were provided by CVS.

One of the conversations that has come up again thanks to the #metoo movement is the effect of airbrushed images. In a recent NY Times article, Vanessa Friedman reports on the stand that CVS has taken to stop “materially altering” the imagery associated with its beauty products.

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Civil Rights vs. the Right of Refusal

As the supreme court decides the case against a Colorado baker and his right to refuse a gay couple’s request for a wedding cake, parallels to the graphic design profession are easily drawn. 

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Inspiring Ethical Graphic Designers Across the Globe

RCC student Sunday Oluwasomi shown collaborating online with students, including Ayoduwadum Abe, who comes from the same Nigerian village as he does.

When RCC (Rockland Community College) student Sunday Oluwasomi met someone from his hometown during an online collaborative Graphic Design class, we were all excited. The distance between Suffern, NY and Pretoria, South Africa suddenly become infinitely smaller. It was truly a moment that shows how we are all connected.

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Designing in the Age of Anxiety

Trump 24K Gold-Plated” (USA, 2016), an unauthorized campaign poster, featured in “The Design of Dissent”

Milton Glaser and Mirko Ilic have recently reissued their book The Design of Dissent.

In a recent interview with Fast Company’s Creative Director, Florian Bacheda, they discuss how the anxiety and disorder of our time is changing design.

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Graphic Design: Taking Lives or Saving Them?

It’s not a surprise to most of us that Graphic Design has been credited with taking lives.

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Rules for School (and to live and work by)


Dear Design Student” is an advice blog for designers by designers. A recent post written by Mike Monteiro entitled “A Designer’s Code of Ethics” hits hard at the core of design practice and what all students and educators, as well as designers, should be thinking about school is about to go back in session.

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To Post or Not to Post?

Art by Andrew Moghab

Artists don’t work in a vacuum, we are social creatures, we make work to show it. Fans and critics alike are necessary to the process of making art. These days showing your art almost always involves posting it online through social media. But how can you prevent getting ripped off?

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Online Engagement (aka Designing a Slot Machine)

Making an impact online is all about engagement. According to Kara Swisher of “Recode Decode,” it’s often assumed that making an impact is positive. In an interview with Tristan Harris, Swisher says that in her experience, many of those involved in designing online engagement don’t give much thought to what type of impact they are making.

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Celebrating Mother’s Day

Volonaire / Amnesty International

Mother’s Day is a celebration that honors our mothers and the influence of mothers in society. It’s usually celebrated with flowers and gifts. The truth is the horrors and atrocities that exist in our world and flies in the face of these rituals.

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Do the Green Thing

Do the Green Thing is an organization dedicated to making films, posters, walkcasts, and everyday things to inspire people to live more sustainably.

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