Protesting through Design

lo rez Frasco Police Brutality 121414 01 Protesting through Design

Infographic designed by student Peter Frasco

Weeks before the Ferguson grand jury handed down their verdict, students in my graphic design class chose police brutality as their topic for a social awareness project. It was interesting and disturbing to see some of the facts that unfolded as they presented their research and drafts. 

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The Perfect Response

victorias secret1 The Perfect Response

Three students from Leeds University in Great Britain recently had the perfect response to Victoria’s Secret ‘Perfect Body’ Campaign when the company introduced a new bra collection called “Body by Victoria” with an ad campaign featuring ultra thin models with the words “The Perfect Body” running across the image.

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Transforming from Standalone to Grand Scale

Screen Shot 2014 10 20 at 4.53.51 PM Transforming from Standalone to Grand ScaleThe conversation among educators and practitioners about the role of graphic design often centers around how to move graphic designers from creating standalone solutions to solving problems on a grander scale.

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ISIS—a brand in the making

Flag of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant.svg  ISIS—a brand in the making

ISIS brand symbol

We see brands in the making every day; either new brands for start-ups, or redesigns for long established companies. However, seeing the branding of a dangerous and powerful terrorist group right before our eyes is something all graphic designers should take note of.

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Visualizing Global Dying

Its Not Warming campaign by Milton Glaser dezeen sq Visualizing Global Dying

Milton Glaser’s new climate change logo

Milton Glaser’s new logo is meant to change how people perceive climate change. As Glaser observes, the phrase “global warming” sounds comforting and non-threatening. He wants us to consider the more ominous words, “global dying,” which many feel is much more accurate about the state of our planet.

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A “not so subtle” controversy

If you got a chance to see the recent Kara Walker exhibit in an abandoned Domino Sugar Factory in Brooklyn, you may have found yourself on one side or the other of a heated debate about art and racism.

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Design and Violence

Paola Antonelli, senior curator of Architecture and Design at MoMA, begins her talk at the DLD Conference about Design and Violence by discussing how contrary to what many designers want to hear, design can be used not only for good, but for evil. 

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Monetizing Memorials

Screen Shot 2014 05 26 at 8.00.42 AM Monetizing Memorials
The 9/11 Museum opened last week in Manhattan amid a storm of controversy. Designed to remember the horrors of 9/11, many feel the steep $24 admission fee, along with the crass commercialism of the gift shop, has gone too far.

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Mad men (and women), how do they fare today?

Milton Glaser Mad Men Poster Mad men (and women), how do they fare today?

AMC TV’s MAD MEN Final Season Poster Designed by Milton Glaser

If you haven’t seen the poster design for the final season of Mad Men by Milton Glaser yet, I’m sure you will consider it a treat. The poster not only references Glaser’s signature Bob Dylan poster, but also loops back to Glaser’s career with Push Pin Studios, one of the biggest New York design firms to serve the advertising world during the real Mad Men era. Glaser was a founding member of Push Pin Studios along with Seymour Chwast, Edward Sorel, and Reynold Ruffins. Together, they helped shape, define, and set the direction of modern visual style.

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Celebrating “The Boss”

This Google doodle for International Women’s Day shows how women around the globe are being celebrated all month long for Women’s History Month. There are also a number of efforts underway to not only celebrate women, but to empower them.

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