Celebrating “The Boss”

This Google doodle for International Women’s Day shows how women around the globe are being celebrated all month long for Women’s History Month. There are also a number of efforts underway to not only celebrate women, but to empower them.

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Coca-cola: Ingredients vs. Aspirations

Was anyone else as conflicted about Coke’s Superbowl ad as I was? I want to applaud them for representing America as the land of diversity that it truly is. I want to stand behind them and boo the right-wing conservatives who hated it. But I also want to know when their ingredients and practices will measure up to the aspirations of their advertising.

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A great big club with spikes

57 A great big club with spikes

Earth Heart Poster: Our Good Earth Can We Save it? by Takayuki Kuribayashi

In a video interview with Hillman Curtis, graphic designer James Victore likens graphic design to a great big club with spikes on it, best used to hit people over the head with.

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Affluenza or alcohol advertising?

ciroc e1386908600804 Affluenza or alcohol advertising?Many are outraged at the ten year probation sentence that sixteen-year-old Ethan Couch received for killing four pedestrians while driving drunk. Couch’s legal team introduced the nation to the “affluenza defense,” citing too much money and parental indulgence as the cause of his behavior.

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Should Beauty Trump Authenticity?

3021773 inline wwwbeforetheymaasaibyjimmynelson1 Should Beauty Trump Authenticity?

Photograph by Jimmy Nelson

Stunning photographs of disappearing tribes from Jimmy Nelson’s new book, Before They Pass Away, have been circulating recently online. 

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Searching for the great image

advanced search1 Searching for the great image

Center image by John Reynolds

When searching for that great image online it’s easy and tempting to simply right click and copy any image you find. There is no warning signal or stop sign that appears with a message asking, “Yes, you can take this image, but should you?”

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Herding cats (aka copyrighting a Meme)

Screen Shot 2013 09 20 at 4.37.48 PM Herding cats (aka copyrighting a Meme)

“Memes are, without a doubt, the greatest thing about the internet.” 

This quote comes from an article by Squire Sanders, Richard Pascoe, Richard W. Horton and Alex Butterworth, “Memes in advertising: a copyright mess.

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Articulating Un-freedom

poster 012 Articulating Un freedom

ZXX Type Specimen Posters

Many of us work hard on our own behalf, or on behalf of our clients, to make sure we get found. Google’s highly protected algorithms claim to make it difficult to pay for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). They want to keep search results fair and organic. That doesn’t stop companies from spending tons of time and money trying to rise to the top of search lists and chase that holy grail.

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Dog eat dog world?

Robynne Raye and her partner at Modern Dog, Michael Strassburger, have been involved in a copyright infringement lawsuit with Disney, Target, and the Jaya Apparel group for the past several years. Modern Dog filed a lawsuit against the companies when the artwork from the end papers of their 2008 Compendium showed up on T-shirts being sold by Target.

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Take the Pledge

Screen Shot 2013 06 12 at 5.22.02 PM Take the Pledge

Some of you may recognize this three finger pledge from your Girl Scout days when you were asked to recite the Girl Scout Law:

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