To Post or Not to Post?

Art by Andrew Moghab

Artists don’t work in a vacuum, we are social creatures, we make work to show it. Fans and critics alike are necessary to the process of making art. These days showing your art almost always involves posting it online through social media. But how can you prevent getting ripped off?

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Online Engagement (aka Designing a Slot Machine)

Making an impact online is all about engagement. According to Kara Swisher of “Recode Decode,” it’s often assumed that making an impact is positive. In an interview with Tristan Harris, Swisher says that in her experience, many of those involved in designing online engagement don’t give much thought to what type of impact they are making.

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Celebrating Mother’s Day

Volonaire / Amnesty International

Mother’s Day is a celebration that honors our mothers and the influence of mothers in society. It’s usually celebrated with flowers and gifts. The truth is the horrors and atrocities that exist in our world and flies in the face of these rituals.

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Do the Green Thing

Do the Green Thing is an organization dedicated to making films, posters, walkcasts, and everyday things to inspire people to live more sustainably.

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Women in Graphic Design

There’s much to celebrate for Women’s History Month, and women in graphic design are definitely part of the conversation.

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Presenting the Underrepresented

As Black History Month draws to a close, it’s a great time to take a look at the website put together by Tim Hykes, a St. Louis based designer. The project, 28 Days of Black Designers, spotlights AIGA medalists like Sylvia Harris along with global designers like Rafael Smith whose career has focused on challenges related to poverty.

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Citizen Designer

Throughout history graphic designers have written design manifestos and taken action to focus their energy on designing for good.

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Design Activism


In Steven Heller’s recent essay featured on Design Observer, “America’s Big Design Problem,” he discusses how now, more than ever, designers must be progressive thinkers and makers. While some feel design should not politicize, many feel that taking a stand for one’s point of view is exactly what design is meant to do.

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Symbolizing Despair and Inspiring Hope


I overheard one of my students talking recently about how he has a friend who only contacts him through memes. In fact, he questioned whether this person even exists, since they don’t ever actually speak, they only converse through memes.

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Graphic Designers Get Political


Pin design from Sagmeister & Walsh’s latest project

As Americans await the second debate this weekend with less than a month to go to election day, there are some graphic designers who are taking a stand.

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